4Keys to acquiring an overflow of all you consider valuable.

The scripture confirms thus;

You will receive a hundred times more houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields and persecution as well in this present life on earth.

And in the life to come, you will receive eternal life.(Mark 10:30)

What an overflow of wealth and promise of eternal life!
How can this be realized?
How can one key into such great abundance?

# KEY 1
This can only be  realized when you put God first above everyone and everything you consider special and valuable.
(Mark 10:29)
In everything you do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.
See key two(2)

# KEY 2
Above all PRAY for wisdom!
Wisdom gives good long life, riches, honor, pleasure, peace (overflow)
Remember that the Lord’s wisdom founded the earth; his understanding established all the universe and space. (Proverbs 3:19)
Solomon got wisdom and got an overflow of wealth too( 1Kings 3:9-14)
We can  have ALL only if we seek and receive wisdom from God.

# KEY 3
Pray at all times; for in prayer you will know when and how to achieve great things.

Jesus thought us how to pray because he wanted us to have the KEY to abundance(Mathew 6)


 Prayer uncovers secrets to achieving great things.

# KEY 4
Even when persecuted amidst your wealth, count your blessings rather and find peace.
Trials and persecutions are part of Christian heritage(1Peter 4:12-16); don’t dwell on them. Count your blessings rather and find joy!

May the Spirit of God  lead us into all truth in Jesus name. Amen
We’d get there; remain faithful!
Remain blessed!

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