A piece of Me?!

A piece of me! That’s what I felt I could spare.
For quite a long time, I had the other piece of me at my own disposal.
A part of me did His biddings, Followed his path and showed love to others.
The other part of me opposed the piece that I gave him.
But, I wanted the ‘whole’ of me for myself.
Discontent was the feeling at the end of each day.
An Unsettling confused state of mind was the feeling I bore each moment I made my own call.
Then I realized, it was an ‘all for all’ kind of life.
Either I had all of me for myself, or I gave him all of me.
For the scripture thus said in Revelation 3:16;
“But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth!”
I couldn’t give him all of me at that moment! I needed all of me.
I had alot of plans I set out for myself; I wanted me for me.
I lived each passing day as they came.
Still living out my own piece, and giving him his.
And on a day like this, it became clear that giving all of me was the only way I could find satisfaction!
Like Magdalene searched the tomb, I searched the scriptures and also discovered that, “the tomb was and is still empty”
A sign that “He gave me His all”
A sign that He wants our relationship to be “all for all”
I had cheated him for a quite long time.
He made himself transparent, letting me in as often as I wanted in.
But I gave him a just piece of me!
He understood that it wasn’t going to be easy for me to give all of me so easily.
So He loved me first (and gave all of himself first).
The thought of this, has kept me sane and satisfied.
Knowing that He had forgiven me for giving him just a part of me even before I realized it was wrong.
I reassert at each passing Easter that “I give my all”.
Come one, come all and find satisfaction!
No greater satisfaction than remaining in His LOVE!
A piece no more I give but ALL OF ME!
Shalom Saints!

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