Why Worry?

August 22, 2017 Theodora Ogomaka 2

  Yes worried? Worried about what tomorrow holds? About what the future could toss your way? Worried about derailing from the right tract in this race of life? Worried of what our future home could […]



June 10, 2017 Theodora Ogomaka 1

As I go through the scriptures daily, I have come to understand that the only coffee that is most stimulating and necessary for life activities is ‘THE WORD OF GOD’. It gives you the strength […]



June 1, 2017 Theodora Ogomaka 0

JUST LET YOUR HEART DO THE JOB! Just think of his mighty works and His magnificence and be amazed. Let go of your heart burden and focus on he who gives you breath and breathe! […]