As I go through the scriptures daily, I have come to understand that the only coffee that is most stimulating and necessary for life activities is ‘THE WORD OF GOD’. It gives you the strength you need to carry on. All the encouragements, directions, plans, answers etc. that you need are therein.

JUST TAKE A SIP OF THIS COFFEE DAILY. That is all you need for the day!

Here is my sip of coffee for today; get yours daily in the place of study; plus this coffee is absolutely free. Enjoy every sip of it!

“As thou knowest not what the ways of the spirit is, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child; even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all!”. Ecclesiastes 11:5(kjv)

Human studies and findings have limits but God is all knowing; that was why the word of God says;

“Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not on your understanding”. Proverbs 3:5(kjv)

There is a limit to human understanding; if you try too hard to understand the mechanism of every situation you are passing through, you may lose faith in thyself and in God.

God sees all you are going through,

He sees every tear on your face,

He sees the trailer load of burden you carry,

He sees that broken relationship that leaves you helpless,

He sees that financial burden,

He sees that illness that seems to have no cure,

He sees, He knows, He has plans for them all; only trust him and lean not on your understanding.

Anything is possible to them that believe (mark 9:23); totally trust in God, believing he has a plan for your situation, make your problems known to him in prayer and supplications, cast your burdens down at his feet for he cares.

He could change Jobs situation suddenly,

He could make a man that has been blind for 38years see suddenly,

He forgives sins and remembers them not,

He cured a 12year case of hemorrhage instantly,

At the sound of his voice, raging storm was calmed immediately,

He did and is still doing so much more that recounting it here would consume the day but the bottom line is this;

For every challenge you overcome, you will appreciate God’s blessing more; if you have been ill and become healthy, you will appreciate health more than ever; if you have been in poverty and become rich; you will appreciate abundance and learn to accommodate the needy and give alms; if you have known only failure, the moment you become successful will be cherished forever. God’s doings are remarkable!

Let go and let God.

Trust him totally and pray for the spirit of God because only him knowest the ways of God and when we let him lead us, Gods perfect will shall prevail. When he leads, you shall rejoice even in thy problems because you are aware of where you are going, joyful even amidst problems because you carry the Spirit of God which gives strength, joy, peace, etc.



Ecc 139Vs1-4. Oh lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. You know when I sit or stand. When far away you know my every thought. You chart my path ahead of me, and tell me when to stop and rest.

Vs17. How precious it is Lord, to realize that you are thinking of me constantly.

Oh lord, I pray you to renew my body, soul and spirit and teach me to trust you above all in Jesus name. Amen.

Have a blissful day!


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