You remember David, right? The man after God’s own heart. David had a confrontation with the giant, Goliath (1 Sam. 17).

When he heard about goliath’s threats and ridicule of God’s people, he was burning with ‘holy rage’ and made up his mind to confront his goliath. Is he crazy? Goliath was a giant and one the finest philistine warlords (if not the finest) and David was just a poor shepherd boy who only came to bring food for his elder brothers in the Israelite army.

Goliath threatened and ridiculed David, his people and even king Saul and brought confusion and fear upon the soldiers of the Israelite army but when he cursed David by his gods, the battle ring had to change.

It was at that point that David stepped out of the battlefront and engaged his God (our God); the same one who holds the seven stars in his hand, he who walks among the seven golden lampstands, the immortality that dwells in unapproachable light. Who can battle with this God? Who can withstand his power? Once he stepped in, goliath and his gods were brought to their knees.

David remembered how frequently God demonstrated his power and helped him defeat lions and bears and was convinced that there’s nothing too hard for this God to do. When the devil and his agents like goliath put on an armoury of bronze (1 Sam. 17:5-7), we should put on the whole armour of God by the enablement of God’s Holy Spirit (Eph. 6:10-18).

If you attempt to fight in your own element; if you attempt to fight your own way then expect to be battered, bruised and defeated but if you go to the place of prayer, I tell you there’s victory there. Choose to engage God whenever you are faced with challenges and battles. He doesn’t fight for victory, he fights from victory. When you choose God to confront your giants, the battle is already finished before it even starts.

“I don’t care how difficult and narrow the path is, I’d get you home”; this is God’s promise to you this day.

Prayer; My Lord and my Father, you’re God from everlasting to everlasting, you’re God all by yourself. I invite you, by the merits of your son’s precious blood, to step into my battles and make a name for yourself. I rely solely on you, fight my battle Lord and bring me the victory. Amen.

………If you’re not living in preparation for the second coming of Christ then he’s not coming for you. Be revived!!!



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