Just think of his mighty works and His magnificence and be amazed. Let go of your heart burden and focus on he who gives you breath and breathe!

Utter the prayer below with a grateful heart:

 I thank God who alone is worthy

Even before I knew you God, you loved me.

Even with my imperfections, you did not spite me.

My heart may fail me, man may fail me but You that keepeth Israel have never failed me.

You shuts a door and no man can open.

You say a thing and it is established.

Who can be likened to my God?

What can separate me from Your love?


You are my help in trouble, my shield and deliverer in battle; you are my all in all.

Though I walk through deaths valley, I will not tremble for You oh Lord will keep me from harm.

A thousand may fall by my side, ten thousand by my right but I will not be harmed; with my eyes will I see the wicked punished.

You are my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear; of whom shall I be afraid. You are my ever present help in trouble.

You formed the world by the words of your mouth; mountain melts like wax in your presence, what a mighty God I serve.

Your faithfulness is the reason I still exist, your Grace is the reason I breathe, your love is the reason I love you. Words will fail me if I try to quantify how glad and amazed I am at your greatness.

Be praised oh God! Search my heart and know the depth of my gratitude. Oh how I love thee GOD.

I praise you.

Let the entirety of my being reverence you. You are worthy!

Pour out a grateful heart to God via your words, on paper, on meditating or in a song. Show him that He matters daily!

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