Grace; the reason I still am.

I can’t help it but to testify today about Gods Grace; ever active, ever available to all.

Wrongs may have toiled with me, situations and occasions may have tossed me here and there but Gods grace is the reason why I still am.

I ain’t perfect, I know nothing about the how to continue this race but I sure do know where to start. Here, this blog so far has been a way of channelling my focus to God. It has been a way for me to evangelise to myself first and then to us; ¬†Because for worlds revival, we need each other; I give God glory.

God gives perfect directions, him alone knows the end from the beginning and his promised end is glorious. I battled with myself when i needed something to channel my focus to. When I got the ¬†direction to start up this blog, I hadn’t the slightest idea of what I should be talking about. But I trust he that has called because he that has called us is faithful. He directs my hands to write, he keeps my heart to remember his words .

Though I may not be the perfect tool for life transformation but God that seeth beyond my flaws and guides my foot poured his goodness in me and took my flaws. Give him a chance to use you.
I have learnt over time never to let my past mistakes to limit me. Gods love knows no bound so , the heights he will take you knows no bound only if we let him.
Though I falter here and there but his grace has kept me.
He didn’t spite me when I failed, I’m grateful beyond bounds oh God.. I would by your grace walk thousands of miles with thee leading me.
I just woke up today and what popped into my mind was “Grace” , the reason I still am. I didn’t deserve it but it has kept me.
Where would I have been if not for grace?
Where would we have been if God counted every one of our errors?.

Just like mothers love runs deep, Gods love runs even deeper. That is what have kept us.
I found out that some wrong ways of the world began to creep into my feeble mind, I started considering doing those things our Christian values spat on ,until this, I channelled my attention to writing and pouring out any inspiration he fills my mind with, here. I pray thee oh God our minds to guide.

Channel your energy to doing something that isn’t wrong. That we have been living in wrong ways and are still alive is only because of GRACE. Should we continue in sin because grace abounds? God forbid. GET BUSY!

What wrong are we doing? God, please give us a focus today and guide our feet not to stumble.
I can’t stop thinking how far astray I would have gone if God hadn’t kept me. Not by power nor strength but by his Grace.
Let us decide within ourselves to take a walk with God.. I took the first step and started somewhere, I still don’t know how to continue but I trust him because I leave him alone this canoe to paddle and his grace to keep me. Since grace have kept me thus far, why shall I worry? I will just trust!

Take a walk with him today; starting with evaluating our lives, eradicating heavy loads of wrongs ,so we can walk freely with him…
May his grace keep our feet to right directions in Jesus name.. Amen
Bring back the sanity in our Christian values; start with the man in the mirror; start with you!

Is Gods grace, the reason why you are??
Share a testimony and bless someone telling of his ever active grace upon your life.

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