keep rising till you fall no more

Mathew 14:22-33
…and when they got into the boat, the wind ceased (vs. 32)
Many are the turmoil in our lives but the Lord remaineth the Omnipresent!
Like the disciples were in the boat while the sea raged and the boat was destabilized, so also, like the boat we are destabilized by what life throws at us.
Like peter walked on the sea and lost his stability by his lack of faith, that’s how many of us walk in the path of righteousness and lose tract at some point.

Stability of our lives can never be attained until Jesus gets into that boat (our lives)
Even while we sail through the rivers of self-discoveries and safely get to the shore of identifying our purposes, the land will still throw sandstorms, landslides, earthquakes etc. at us but always remember that Jesus remains the answer!

As many times as we fall, don’t stop letting him in! Don’t let the enemy make you belief that your chances are up. Proverbs24:16a states thus; for a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.

Keep rising until you can fall no more!
No matter the addiction, no matter the heavy weighted burden you bear, no matter how sinful you are or how messed up you feel; it can never be compared to the great love Jesus have for you that even while you sinned, he showed thee love (He died). Just trust Him to take care of you and trust Him to help you overcome someday.

Jesus got into the boat and the storm ceased: our lives will never be stable if the fulcrum of our existence (God) is not in the picture.
He got into the boat; let him into your life and know peace and stability!

Each time we fall, we should remain on our knees until we find strength through prayers and reconciliation to stand tall again!

PRAYER! That is the key!
Pray at all times (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and we will be strong enough to withstand the wiles of the devil.


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