My Mind, My Soil.

The mind is the faculty of reasoning and thoughts; it is responsible for processing feelings and emotion, resulting in ATTITUDES and ACTIONS.

Permit me to share my little analysis on this in relation to soil;

PROCESSING HERE means the act of tilling and cultivating the soil; preparing it for planting.

ATTITUDES and ACTIONS are the products or harvests of the sown seeds.

FEELINGS and EMOTIONS are what you sow.

When you SOW anger as a FEELING, you could reap or harvest fights, quarrel or revenge as a PRODUCT. The PROCESSING OR TILLING happens when you allow the anger make you plan your revenge strategies.

Just like the soil could have rich and poor qualities, so can our minds.

The mind is like a fertile soil that can grow whatever is sown on it, be it good or bad. A fertile soil can grow both sown seeds and unsown plants called weed.

Every tilled soil enriched with fertilizer helps both sown seed and weed grow faster.

Even as the plants grow, pests and animals could still be a threat to the growing plant irrespective of how rich or poor the soil is.

Now, coming to the mind; the mind is a farm where a lot are cultivated; the richness of the soil found here goes a long way to determining how productive the mind could be.

For every executed action we have carried out, it was been preplanned and sown on the soil of the mind. Our actions and doings are as a result of minds product.

What we speak or do is as a result of an already sown seed.

Our deeds e.g. to fight, to start up an enterprise, to build a house etc. are all products of the minds soil

What man who wants to build a house does not sit down and calculate it cost. (Luke 14:28)

The products of our minds are as a result of the type of seeds sown therein.

How can we make our minds rich and positively productive?


1)Weed off whatever God never planted in there (weeds): God plants only good seeds, so do away with  unwanted plants, seeds planted by other farmers(who do not plant Gods permitted seeds) on your soil, trees of doubt or worry, pull out products of seeds of anger, indecency etc.  Pull out anything that is not of God growing on your soil. I could go on and on but the bottom line is; think deep, search your thoughts and pull out the weeds found therein.

Philippians 4:8 says fill your MINDS with those things that are good and deserve praise, things that are true, noble, right pure, lovely and honorable.


2) Then burn the weeds: To burn is to destroy and change the properties of the burnt item. The ash realized could be used as FERTILIZERS. Wow! Every past errors or mistakes could serve as a boost (fertilizer) to a better you after we must have recognized them, pulled them out and burnt them. Studies have shown that salt in wood ash can be used for pest(snails, slugs) control; amazing how dealing with past errors can better our lives.

3) Till that soil: Break hard clumps (stubbornness, laziness, lack of plan and vision etc.), prepare the soil of your minds to receive Gods directions; allow the Holy Spirit to renew that mind because only he can prepare that mind. This preparation will help fast growth when seeds are planted.

4) Plant the seeds: The seeds of God’s word which is love and truth. Plant his commandments, principles, His dos and don’ts, etc. deep in your heart. Study the word, listen to his words via your pastors, priest etc. and let the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth.

Plant them deep in to avoid erosion (troubles of life), avoid birds picking on them just like the parables of the sower.

5) Do more weeding and keep pest off: because the thief; who is the devil plants weeds amidst the crops. Worldly desires, opinions, trends etc. could serve as more weeds. As your plants sprout and grow, keep weeding of weeds. We live in a world where constant revival is a necessity.  Thus, neglect not the gathering of Gods people because it helps us keep strong too. Pest are those bad habits that eat deep you, those addictions that you go on and off from, those pessimists that shatter your every great plans, laziness, etc.

And finally after all the great works we do as farmers of our minds awaiting great and healthy harvest of love, peace, joy, happiness, greatness etc., we will reap God’s blessings.

Now let us all write out a vision and start planting, expecting a great harvest of success with God leading our every step!

Let us assert to ourselves today to keep our minds in constant check henceforth.

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