A story was told of a man who in a vision was taken to the seashore where a man in sparkling robe drew an image on the sand and asked him “can you identify this image” and he replied with excitement “Of course, that’s me” then he wiped off the image and said to him “in this same way will you be made irrelevant the very same day you become proud and boastful of my gifts and blessings to you. All you have is mine and without me you can do nothing”.

Friends, you’re special in God’s eyes and so is the purpose for your creation and based on this his divine purpose, he arms you with his gifts and graces by the virtue of his spirit. He needs you to actualize this his purpose but he can do this without you. Watch out!!! Whenever you begin to feel indispensable and “too important” because of God’s special gifts to you, your end is very near. God will dispose of you and use a “less qualified” vessel. This is exemplified by the transfer of anointing from a tall, handsome, rich, intelligent man Saul (1 Sam. 9 & 10) to a small, “smelling”, shepherd boy David (1 Sam. 16). God is no respecter of persons. He uses the weak to shame the strong.

Of the over 3,000 people in the upper room at pentecost, God decided to use Peter; a poor, illiterate fisherman who denied Jesus thrice. The ways of he Spirit are mysterious. God doesn’t seek those who are able, he uses those who are available. It’s not about you, it’s about God.

What are those gifts that God has given you that makes you feel you’reĀ  more important than anyone else; is it your wealth, your intellect, your looks, your talents, your youthful vigour, your strength or even your spiritual gifts?.
Do not glory in yourself or your gifts, rather glory in the giver of the gifts. Remember, that everything you have was given so stay humble.

On the other hand, whenever you feel ill equipped for your assignment, remember that the same God that used a poor shepherd boy can use you. Just abandon yourself like clay in the potter’s hands. Just let him melt you, mold you, fill you and then, use you.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, whenever I become proud and begin to boast about your gifts and graces to me, bring me to my knees and remind me that it is your air I breathe. Jesus, make me less of me and more of you, Amen.

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Sinner by birth, Saint by grace. Condemned by the law, saved by his grace.

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