Could it be;
the uncrossed items on your checklist,
the major plans that went south,
the failed businesses,
the relapses on addictions,
the lost positions/promotions,
the failed relationships,
the savings spent unwisely,
the major regrets,
Wrecking family situations,
Heavy financial burdens,
ill health/loss of a loved one,
perhaps more; but no matter how deep the pains we bear are or how enormous the regrets we carry are, it is nothing compared to the Love and Grace that have brought us this far (365th day the year).
let us not lose hope nor despair because all we have been through makes us better equiped to face the future. for where we are heading to or what awaits us, we may not completely know but knowing the one who knowest the end from the begining is the key. Come 2019, hold on to this KEY
It may seem like others have it going better for them or you may feel that things ain’t working out so well for you or that the better options aren’t made available for you but know this; every one is fighting a peculiar battle, everyone has a peculiar purpose, everyone has a peculiar goal. Do not be distracted, focus on your goal/purpose and cling to faith; it is the only assurance we have. FAITH IN GOD. For in the end, it is not to the strong, nor to the wealthy nor to the classy, nor popular, nor intelligent, nor swift etc will everlasting joy be for but to those and only those on whom Gods mercy rest.

2 Corinthians 4:18

For we fix our attention not on things that are seen but on the unseen. what we see last only for a short time but what we cannot see last forever.

For to meet in Heaven is our ultimate Goal and to finish fulfilled and strong our prayer.

shalom saints!

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