Welcome! Words can’t express how happy I am that you are here to read my very first article on WeRevival. I sincerely hope you’d be inspired.

Through life’s journey, I have come to the realization that life is always about becoming better and better. Before I startup on the 3(ART) principles to becoming a better you, allow me to share an inspiration I got from my little cousins school anthem at KHMS;

……good, better, best, I will never rest, until my GOOD is BETTER and my BETTER, BEST…..

The journey through life is not easy but NEVER stop at that YOU that make you want better until that better becomes BEST.

Now to the principles of becoming a better you, I developed what I call the “ART” principle. ART makes this principle memorable for us all.





To arise means to get up, to begin to occur, to get up from sleep, to begin to exist and so on. A lot of us still live life daily based on where the wind of life’s trend takes us. Every passing trend even it be wrong gets at us, a flow of undetermined direction in a world where wrongs have turned norms. I call us to ARISE.

Arise; let your light shine, for all nations to see for the Glory of God is streaming from you. (Isaiah60:1)

This a wake-up call from living that life that does not bring out your true definition to that life you once set great goals for. You have an innate ability to glow so that nations will see the YOU that brings about a positive change.

What are you doing wrong? What mountain peak did you want to reach, only to sleep at its foot? What life’s situations have kept you in a state of slumber and dormancy? … “ARISE”



Revive means is to be strong and active again, to give strength or energy to, to restore to life etc.

Go back to the archives of your dreams, to that pursuits you left at memory lane, to all the unachieved set out plans and goals and REVIVE.

……be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think….. (Romans12:2b)

“A fresh newness in all you DO and THINK”. This means a constant state of renewal of strength, because, “To do” is an action requiring energy and energy should constantly be boosted. So, REVIVE!

Take out the trash filled with wrongs turned norms, filled with laziness, filled with regrets, filled with lots of “had I known”, filled with “I cants”  and be REVIVED!

Copy not the behavior and customs of this world… (Romans12:1a)

Don’t do wrong things because the world terms them right. Set standards that agree with Gods plan and word and be that change the world needs.

Seek Gods help above all in this cause of revival, because from Him alone do we draw strength.

Write out those great plans, startup that work with what you have, make use of that great ability within you and make a positive change; “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Chinese philosopher Laozi)

There is no perfect revival without the God in your life, let him take the lead in this revival journey;

“Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away. Then times of refreshment will come from the presence of the lord”. (Acts 3:19).

It is from God alone that we draw constant strength to do all things; I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

For US to revive, YOU need to first revive!



Don’t let wrong trends takeover you

Don’t let addictions take over you

Don’t let the world take over you

Don’t let the “I CAN’T” state of mind takeover you

But YOU should takeover you!

Above all, Let God takeover you!

Arise, Revive, and Takeover you (ART)


Prayer: From a world where wrongs become norms, good Lord save us. Help us become a better us… Amen






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  1. This is extremely beautiful and helpful.. May God help give us the grace to travail at a time like this.

  2. There’s a revival rising. God is raising up an army of evangelists. God bless you for answering his call.
    We’d Arise, we’d be revived by God’s spirit, we’d not stop until we takeover.
    God’s grace dear.

  3. “What are you doing wrong? What mountain peak did you want to reach, only to sleep at its foot? What life’s situations have kept you in a state of slumber and dormancy? … “ARISE” ”

    I love the piece above. Reminds me of the tall dreams I had as a child…grew up and dumped them as childish. Now, they seem so desirable. I guess I’ll go after them.
    And someone said: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.”
    Well done, Dora…nice blog.

  4. It’s really inspiring dear. May God strengthen u the more to do a greater n mightier things which he has called for.

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