We pray to move from victory to victory meaning that we’re going to be moving from battle to battle as well, the only difference being that success is guaranteed from the beginning because we are more than conquerors (Rom. 8:37); we fight FROM victory and not FOR victory.

Although you’re a success and a victor, you’re a ‘working progress’ meaning you’d have to work while you progress. We claim Abraham’s blessings but are we willing, like Abraham, to express absolute faith and trust in God’s words? Or do we want a hot meal without having to subject it to fire? Do we want the microwave Christianity?

Some of us are in a dysfunctional relationship with our father. For some of us, Christianity is more about God serving our purpose than we serving his purpose. We want to experience the glory of the risen Lord without having to descend the grave with him. We approach the altar of prayer to get approval for our beautifully mapped out plans without asking to hear from HIM who alone has the master plan of our lives forgetting that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts, far from ours. (Is. 55:8-9).

At times, it doesn’t make sense to follow you but then again your word resounds and reminds me to trust in you with all my heart and not rely on my own faculties (Prov. 3:5).

I know it’s hard but I’d follow you if your grace abides with me. So I asked Him, “Show me the way that I may follow” and he answered “I am the Way” (John 14:6). Jesus doesn’t know the way, he’s the way; follow him. Holiness is not the way to Christ, Christ is the way to holiness, never forget this.

Jesus doesn’t reveal his glory to visitors but to residents. So we must strive to continually abide in his presence so that we shall see him as he really is when he comes again in his glory as a judge (1 John 3:2).

If you’re not living in view of the Lords second coming then he’s not coming for you.

Be revived!!!

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