A voice shouting from the barren wilderness, “prepare a way for the Lord to travel on! Widen the pathway before him! Level the mountains! Fill up the valleys! Strengthen the curves! Smooth out ruts! (Luke 3:4b-5)

The voice of John the Baptist still screams out to us all through our teachers, priests, prophets and so on to prepare for the second coming of Christ. As you read on, you will understand that this cannot be possible if we do not first prepare for the Holy Spirit.

Though churches abound, though teachers abound, though miracle centers abound BUT sin seems to abound too.

Your life is the way that the scripture is talking about; place your life at Gods disposal (widen the pathway before him).

What are those wrong things that have taking higher polls in your life; the scripture says level it!

There are levels you are yet to achieve; virtues you are meant to live out; healthy and godly lifestyles you are meant to adopt; the scripture says; fill it up!

Those hidden sins, cunning lifestyles; straighten the curves!

But the news is this; all these works of chiseling and filling up aren’t possible without the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Ghost can change a man and keep him in right standing. If you do it alone, you will keep stumbling; cut off from me you can do nothing.

If you feel you have a right standing with God simply because your dad or close relatives hold religious positions or that their prayers cover up for you unpreparedness, then you’ve got it all wrong sister/brother. The scripture say; don’t think of yourself as saved because you are descendants of Abraham. That isn’t enough. God can produce children of Abraham from dessert stones! (Luke 3:8).

The teachings of repentance can never go arid even if one thinks it is overemphasized, Gods words endures.

Don’t overlook these teachings when they come to you but rather, when they do, reexamine your life and looking forward to when Christ shall come. Will you be found wanting?

The scripture recorded that the crowds that came to be baptized by John were regarded as ‘brood of snakes’. He asked them to go back and prove by their way of life that they are truly repented ;( Luke 3:7-8). If John couldn’t baptize the unready with water, how can you be baptized by the Holy Ghost if you are unready?

Let us go back to the cry from the wilderness; the God factor with us here on earth is the Holy Ghost; how can he come in when the roads are not widened or are still narrow.

Prepare a way for Him first and through constant directions from him, in obedience, we will carry out task expected of us and be ready when Christ comes. For it is not by power nor by might but by the Holy Spirit says the Lord; you will succeed because of my Spirit (Zachariah 3:6).

The relationship I’m talking about isn’t just the regular feelings of goose bumps you have in church gatherings, neither is it the ability to speak in tongues for long hours nor the ability to prophesy etc. I am talking about a two way mutual relationship; a relationship that requires you listening and understanding him; because he already understands the whole of you.

Start a crusade in your life today and seek to understand him; decide today to start the journey to eternity with him because he alone can keep you prepared for the coming of Christ and remember to keep it MUTUAL.

Prayer: Search me o God and know my heart; test my thoughts. Point out anything you find in me that makes you sad and lead me along the path of everlasting life. Amen (psalm 139:23-24)


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